Dejuan Ming

Just being myself
You guys like my drawing good for you.
Most of my creativity come from my imagination and my dreams...

Actual screenshot from YouTube somebody filmed me wearing this mask, well played.

If everyone understood everything about you that would be lame as shit. You wouldn’t be able to surprise everyone or impress anyone or help anyone. Look, I understand the desire to be understood but my advise is to embrace your uniqueness. If words aren’t working then find other awesome ways to express yourself trust me it works.

This was the original model of my Plague Doctor inspired costume I did last April. The new and Improve version will be later you’ll see.

Rough pen sketch of my friend from Canada that I did several months ago.

This was few months age. I don’t buy costumes I make my own as an artist to show my creativity. I scare a lot of the kids and got a lot of compliment when I was walking around the neighborhood wearing this. Always keep people from guessing.

My custom made Plague Doctor inspire mask that I made almost a year ago.

"Ancient One"

Name- Narasimha


Height- 9’3”

Eye Color- Red

Weight- Unknown

Ethnicity- Suresh

Date of Birth- Unknown

Class- Channeller

Birth Place- Unknown

Body Type- Slender

Unfinished concept art for my storyboard. “Ancient One”
He’s 9’3”. Close-up image of the “Ancient One” a Hindu and Buddhist inspire design.

This is what I’ve been working on last week my mask. Yes those are real stainless steel for the beaks and they’re pretty sharp. It was fun walking around wearing this mask during Lao New Year and the parade.

Happy Halloween

This is me, this is art and it’s a way of life.

Since it’s Halloween I’ll share you guys this picture of my creativity.

Bairi Piya-Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal

Bombay Rockers- Ari Ari Original version

The Monkey King Chinese Opera- pen sketch
Alien profile view, this is concept art I have to re-model the alien. I pretty much had fun drawing this concept.
Bodhidharma sitting